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Top Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Fantasy stands as a leading manufacturer of top-tier amusement rides in the industry. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety, Fantasy has earned its reputation as a trusted name in crafting thrilling experiences for amusement parks, theme parks, and family attractions around the world.

At Fantasy, we blend cutting-edge technology with creative design to produce rides that not only exhilarate but also captivate the imagination. Our skilled engineers and designers collaborate to bring ideas to life, resulting in a diverse range of rides that cater to various preferences and age groups.

With a focus on safety, each ride that bears the Fantasy name undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to international standards. Our rides are not only designed to provide excitement but also peace of mind for operators and riders alike.

From classic carousel rides to daring roller coasters, from family-friendly attractions to adrenaline-pumping experiences, Fantasy’s portfolio reflects our dedication to creating memorable moments. With a global presence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Fantasy continues to redefine the amusement industry.

When you choose Fantasy, you’re choosing more than just rides – you’re embracing a tradition of excellence that spans generations. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of fun, we invite you to join us in the world of Fantasy, where imagination knows no limits and adventure awaits at every turn.

Why Choose Us?

Fantasy Rides Factory, a beacon of excellence in the amusement industry. Our factory stands as a testament to innovation, production prowess, and uncompromising quality.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, we boast a robust production capacity that ensures timely delivery without compromising on craftsmanship. Every ride is meticulously designed, engineered, and tested to meet and exceed international safety standards.

Quality control is at the core of our process, with stringent checks at every stage to ensure flawless performance and rider safety. At Fantasy Rides Factory, we don’t just manufacture rides – we craft unforgettable experiences that bring joy to millions worldwide.

Fantasy Rides Showroom is a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Our showroom isn’t just a display of innovation, also a promise that we’re ready to deliver the excitement you seek. With a wide selection always in stock, our showroom invites you to experience the rides firsthand. Feel the quality, witness the craftsmanship, and envision the joy they’ll bring to your venue.

At Fantasy, we understand urgency. That’s why our showroom is a place where urgent orders can be met without compromise. Come, explore, and experience the future of entertainment. With Fantasy Rides Showroom, your ride to excitement begins now.

Fantasy Rides Certification (Fantasy Rides, our commitment to safety and quality is certified by the most reputable industry standards. Our IAAPA affiliation ensures that our attractions meet the highest global amusement park standards, while the CE certification guarantees compliance with stringent European safety regulations. The Certificate of Conformity (COC) underscores our commitment to meeting market-specific requirements, ensuring the safety of both operators and riders. Additionally, our ISO certification signifies the implementation of a comprehensive quality management system. These certifications stand as a testament to our dedication to providing thrilling and secure amusement experiences, solidifying Fantasy Rides as a trusted name in the industry.

Fantasy Rides Professional Team   Fantasy Rides, our foundation for excellence is built upon the expertise of our diverse and dedicated professional team. Our accomplished engineers mastermind the mechanics behind our exhilarating attractions, ensuring innovation and safety are at the forefront. Creative designers infuse magic into every ride, crafting captivating experiences that ignite imaginations.

Our production team brings these concepts to life with precision and skill, utilizing cutting-edge technology and unwavering attention to detail. The sales team collaborates closely with clients, understanding their unique needs and proposing tailored solutions.

Even after the sale, our commitment doesn’t waver. Our diligent after-sales team ensures seamless installation and provides continuous support to ensure smooth operations. Together, this cohesive team drives Fantasy Rides’ success, delivering unforgettable amusement experiences worldwide.

Fantasy Rides Park Design   Fantasy Rides doesn’t just excel in crafting thrilling rides; we also boast exceptional park design capabilities in both 2D and 3D realms. Our adept designers meticulously draft 2D park layouts, optimizing space for attractions, walkways, and amenities to ensure a seamless guest experience.

Taking it a step further, our cutting-edge technology transforms these 2D plans into immersive 3D models. This enables you to visualize your park’s potential with lifelike accuracy, aiding decisions on placement and theming. With Fantasy Rides, your amusement park’s design journey becomes a blend of creativity and precision, resulting in a captivating and well-organized space that delights both guests and operators.

Fantasy Rides Install Support  Fantasy Rides, our commitment extends beyond crafting exceptional attractions – we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless installation process. Our comprehensive support includes detailed installation manuals and videos, offering step-by-step guidance to your team.

If you require further assistance, our experts can be on-site to oversee and assist in the installation. We understand the significance of proper installation for ride safety and optimal performance.

From clear instructions to hands-on support, Fantasy Rides is with you every step of the way. Our goal is to not only deliver extraordinary amusement experiences but also to ensure that they’re installed and operated flawlessly, guaranteeing satisfaction for both operators and riders.

Range of products

Outdoor Park Rides

Fantasy Rides Offer 150+ Outdoor Park Rides. From Classic Favorites To Innovative Designs, Our Outdoor Rides Bring Joy To Visitors Of All Ages. Crafted With Precision And Quality, These Attractions Ensure Unforgettable Moments In The Open Air. Elevate Your Park With Fantasy Rides’ Outdoor Ride Offerings.

Indoor Park Rides

Fantasy Rides Design Your Indoor Park Based On Your Size And Budget, Also We Have More Than 100 Designs, Size Range From Small To Medium To Big For You Choose. Transform Your Indoor Space Into A World Of Amusement With Fantasy Rides.


Trampoline Experience boundless joy with Fantasy Rides’ trampolines. Crafted for safety and exhilaration, our trampolines offer endless fun for all ages. From classic bouncing to exciting tricks, our high-quality trampolines are built to last and bring smiles to every jump. Explore a world of entertainment and fitness with Fantasy’s trampolines – the perfect addition to your amusement repertoire.

Inflatable Slides

Elevate Your Amusement Experience With Fantasy Rides’ Inflatable Slides. Our Diverse Range Of Inflatable Slides Offers Thrilling Fun For All Ages. Crafted With Quality Materials And Innovative Designs, These Attractions Ensure Safety And Excitement. From Towering Slides To Themed Adventures, Fantasy Rides Brings Inflatable Entertainment To New Heights.

Powerless Equipment

Discover Innovation With Fantasy Rides’ Powerless Equipment. Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective, These Attractions Operate Without Conventional Power Sources, Delivering Captivating Experiences That Align With Sustainability Goals. Elevate Your Venue With Our Inventive Solutions.

Fantasy Amusement Rides Factory

Where Innovation and Quality Meet

Fantasy Amusement Rides Factory, where innovation, impeccable design, and top-notch certifications converge to create exceptional amusement rides. With a strong emphasis on factory techniques, awe-inspiring design, and stringent certifications, Fantasy Amusement Rides Factory has established itself as a leader in the industry.
At our state-of-the-art factory, cutting-edge techniques and meticulous craftsmanship bring our vision to life. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians employs precision engineering to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in every ride we create. From initial concept to final assembly, our commitment to excellence shines through.
To further reinforce our commitment to excellence, we hold industry-leading certifications, including ISO 9001 and CE. These certifications guarantee our unwavering adherence to stringent quality control measures and ensure that our rides meet or exceed global safety standards.
Experience the magic of Fantasy Amusement Rides Factory, where factory technique, design prowess, and certifications converge to create unforgettable moments of joy and excitement.

Fantasy provide one stop amusement park project service

premier manufacturer

Our main products are ferris wheel, pirate ship, carousel, bumper car, train rides, Frisbee rides, swing carousel rides, ranger rides etc. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, reliable and high quality products.

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