Rotation Simulator 360

Rotation Simulator 360

VR motion chair has a cool appearance design, high immersion effects, accurate motion simulation, a variety of VR video and interactive games.

Item Name 3600 VR Simulator
Player 1 Player
Components VR platformx1, VR glassx1, Computerx1, 40 inch screenx1
Games (VR Games): 16pcs+2pcs Fun-coin game
Features 3600 Rotation + dynamic


It can rotate 360 degrees smoothly any pause without noise, action delay within, almost 100%, to reduce the feeling of dizziness, at the weightless like you are playing real roller coaster, flight games such wonderful games.

Technology Parameter

Players 1 Player
Load Bearing 150KG
Size 1870x1220x2041mm
N.W 550KG
Power 1.5KW
Packing Size 2200x1320x2000mm
VR Glasses Deepoon E3
System Win 10
Computer i5+1650+8G+240G

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