Big Octopus

Big Octopus

With five impressive arms, each boasting three cabins, the Giant Octopus can accommodate up to 30 excited passengers at once. As the ride begins, you’ll be lifted off the ground and sent spinning and swirling through the air.

Product Name Octopus
Capacity 30 person
Height 4.5m
Cover Area Diameter 15m
Material FRP+Steel


Fantasy’s Giant Octopus ride is a thrilling amusement park ride that is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for riders of all ages. This exciting ride features five arms that rotate and spin, taking riders on a wild journey through the air.

Designed with safety in mind, the Giant Octopus ride is equipped with the latest safety features and technology to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all guests. Riders can enjoy the thrill of the ride without any worries, as our experienced ride operators ensure a smooth and fun experience.

With its eye-catching design and impressive size, the Giant Octopus is sure to attract attention and become a popular attraction at any amusement park, funfair, or carnival. Its bright colors and unique shape make it a perfect addition to any fairground ride collection.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 30p
Power 18kw
Height 4.5m
Voltage 380v
Speed 1.9m/s
Cover area Dia 15m

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