Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Fantasy Bungee Jumping Rides secured only by a strong bungee cord. Bungee Jumping Rides are engineered to meet the strictest safety standards. It’s the perfect ride for those seeking an unforgettable rush in the world of amusement parks.

Product Name Bungee Jumping
Capacity 4 person
Height 5m
Cover Area Diameter 6m
Material Steel


Kids bungee jumping rides are a popular attraction in amusement parks and family entertainment centers, providing a thrilling experience for children in a safe and controlled environment. These rides are designed to simulate the experience of bungee jumping, but on a smaller scale, with a maximum height of around 5 meters and a load capacity of up to four children.

The bungee cords used in the ride are specially designed to provide a safe and secure experience, while the harnesses and safety equipment ensure that children are protected at all times. Parents and guardians can watch their children from a safe distance, while experienced ride operators oversee the ride and ensure that safety standards are met.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 4p
Power 2kw
Height 5m
Steel galvanized pipe
Voltage 220v
Cover area 6*6m

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