Crazy Robot

Crazy Robot

Experience futuristic fun with Fantasy Crazy Robot Rides. These thrilling attractions feature robot-themed cars that spin and twist, creating an electrifying adventure for riders of all ages. Lights and music add to the excitement.

Product Name Crazy Robot
Capacity 16 person
Height 4m
Cover area Diameter 8m
Material FRP+steel


The Robocop ride is a thrilling and futuristic amusement park attraction that is designed to give riders an unforgettable experience. This ride is suitable for up to 16 people at a time and has a maximum height of 4 meters. The ride covers an area with a diameter of 8 meters, giving it ample space for riders to enjoy the experience.

The Robocop ride is inspired by the iconic movie character and features a robotic design with flashing lights and sound effects. Riders board the ride and are secured with safety belts before the ride begins. The ride then takes off and spins rapidly, providing a thrilling sensation that is sure to leave riders breathless.

Overall, the Robocop ride is a must-try for anyone looking for an exhilarating and futuristic amusement park experience. With its unique design, thrilling ride, and customizable intensity, it is sure to be a hit with riders of all ages.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 16p
Power 15kw
Height 4m
Voltage 380v
Cover area Dia 8m

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