Dinosaur Swing

Dinosaur Swing

Dinosaur Swing Rides combine the thrill of swinging motion with the enchantment of dinosaur-themed seats. Bring to your amusement park and let your guests embark on a journey with Fantasy Dinosaur Swing Rides.

Product Name Happy Swing
Capacity 12 person
Height 5 m
Cover Area 6x5m
Material FRP+Steel


Dinosaur Swing is a family amusement ride that combines the happiness of a swing with the excitement of a prehistoric adventure. It features seats shaped like dinosaurs, that rotate back to back along a central axle. This fairground rides dinosaur seat make it perfect for family or friends who want to experience the thrill together. The ride swings in a circular motion, gradually picking up speed and height, providing riders with an exhilarating sensation of flying through the air.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 12p
Power 6kw
Height 5m
Voltage 380v
Cover area 5*6m

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