Elephant Track Train

Elephant Track Train

Elephant track trains are family-friendly rides often found in amusement parks and zoos. These train-shaped attractions, designed with elephant-themed cars, take passengers on a delightful journey around the park.

Product Name Elephant Track Train
Capacity 14 person
Cabin 4
Track Length 31m (customized)
Material FRP+Steel


The elephant track train is a delightful train ride designed for kids and families. The train features cute and colorful elephant-shaped carriages that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. The ride is set on a circular track, and the train moves at a moderate pace, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages. As the train chugs along the track, passengers can enjoy the scenic views and lively music. The elephant track train is perfect for amusement parks, carnivals, and other family-friendly events.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 14p
Cabins 1Locomotive+3Carriages
Voltage 220v
Motor power 2.2kw
Track length 40m
Cover area 8*12m

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