Flower Cup

Flower Cup

Flower Tea Cup Rides blend the tea time with the spinning adventure. Each cup is uniquely designed with vibrant flowers. Our Children Rides promise an unforgettable and blooming experience for riders of all ages.

Product Name Flower Tea Cup
Capacity 24 person
Cups 6
Height 3 m
Cover Area Diameter 6m
Material FRP+Steel


Flower Tea Cup Rides are a classic amusement park ride that appeals to all ages. This ride consists of a large turntable with multiple spinning cups in the shape of flowers. Each cup can seat up to four people and can be individually spun by the riders using a central wheel. The entire turntable also rotates at a steady pace, creating a fun and exciting experience for all. The ride is suitable for families and is often seen as a must-ride attraction for young children. The flower tea cup ride is a perfect addition to any amusement park, carnival or fair, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to the atmosphere.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 24kids
Power 3kw
Height 3m
Voltage 380v
Cover area Dia 6m

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