FPS Arena

FPS Arena

It is a comprehensive HTC VR game covering differently playable games like different kinds of shooting games, sports games like boxing, archery, dancing, skiing, fruit slice and etc.

Item Name FPS Arena
Player 2 Players
Components Screenx2, gunsx4, VR glassesx2, VR platformx1, Standing Platex2, Computersx2
Games 99 games+1 Fun-coin game
Features Comprehensive HTC VR Walk


Use left and right split-screen mode, you can see what game they are playing to attract more people.
Humanized anti – entanglement rotary support design will be automatically adjusted to the movement space of players. Blue and red design, two players can play together, and that blood bars design will tell you the health points of players.

Technology Parameter

Players 2 Players
Load Bearing ≤200KG/Player
Size 3100x2318x2522mm
N.W 340KG
Power 0.7KW
Computer i5+1650+8G+240G
VR Glasses PICO Neo3
Screen 2PCS 49inch Screen
Packing Size 2200x1240x2270mm

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