Fruit Flying Chair

Fruit Flying Chair

The Watermelon Flying Chair is a delightful amusement ride that brings a taste of summer to any park or carnival. Shaped like watermelons, the ride’s seats gently ascend into the air as it spins, This attraction is perfect for any amusement park or event.

Product Name Fruit Flying Chair Dinosaur Flying Chair
Capacity 16 person
Height 5m
Cover Area Diameter 8m
Material FRP+Steel


Family rides Watermelon flying chair is an exciting amusement ride that combines the thrill of flying with the refreshing sensation of summertime fruit. Passengers sit in comfortable watermelon-shaped seats that are suspended from chains, which are attached to a central tower. As the ride begins, the tower rotates, lifting the seats into the air and spinning them around. Riders can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area as they soar through the air. The Watermelon flying chair is a perfect ride for families, offering a fun and memorable experience that is suitable for both kids and adults.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 16p
Power 4kw
Height 5m
Speed 1.8m/s
Voltage 380v
Cover area Dia 10m

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