Giraffe Chair

Giraffe Chair

The Giraffe Flying Chair Ride is an attraction that adds joy to any amusement park or carnival. With its captivating giraffe-themed seats, it appeals to both children and adults alike. Riders are seated in giraffe-shaped chairs that gently lift off the ground.

Product Name Giraff Flying Chair
Capacity 15 person
Height 3m
Cover Area Diameter 6m
Material FRP+steel


The Children amusement rides giraffe flying chair ride is a delightful attraction that offers a unique and fun experience for riders. The ride consists of multiple giraffe-themed seats that are suspended from a central tower and rotate in a circular motion, giving riders a thrilling sensation of flying through the air.

The kids amusement rides giraffe flying chair ride is suitable for riders of all ages, including children, making it a perfect addition to any amusement park or family entertainment center. The ride has a capacity of up to 16 riders at a time and can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme.

With its fun and friendly giraffe design and exciting spinning motion, the giraffe flying chair ride is sure to be a popular attraction that will keep riders coming back for more. So come on and take a ride on the giraffe flying chair – it’s a wild adventure you won’t soon forget!

Technology Parameter

Capacity 15p
Power 2.2kw
Height 3m
Speed 3rpm
Voltage 380v
Cover area Dia 6m

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