Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing track trains offer an exciting blend of horse racing thrills and track train rides. Passengers enjoy the experience of a race atop horse-shaped carriages, complete with steering wheels. These rides are perfect for amusement parks.

Product Name Horse Racing Track Train
Capacity 12 person
Cabin 6
Cover Area 8x12m
Material FRP+Steel


The Horse Racing Track Train is a fun ride for kids and families. The electric train consists of several carriages that are designed like horses and are mounted on a track. Each carriage can seat up to two riders, and the train can accommodate a total of 16 passengers. The ride follows a twisting and turning track, giving riders the feeling of being in a real horse race. The train is not a thrill ride, but rather a gentle and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 12p
Cabins 1Locomotive+3Carriages
Voltage 220v
Motor power 4kw
Track length 40m
Cover area 8*12m

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