Kangaroo Jumping

Kangaroo Jumping

Kangaroo jump rides bring the thrill of bounding and bouncing to amusement parks. Kangaroo jump rides are making them a fantastic addition to family-oriented amusement parks. These rides promise laughter for riders of all heights.

Product Name Kangroo Jumping
Capacity 16 person
Height 3 m
Cover Area Diameter 8m
Material FRP+Steel


Kangaroo jump is an exciting amusement ride that involves passengers sitting in a circular cabin with a large spring underneath. As the ride starts, the cabin begins to bounce up and down, similar to how a kangaroo moves. The bouncing motion becomes increasingly more intense as the ride continues, providing an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers. Kangaroo jump rides are typically found in amusement parks and carnival midways and are popular among teenagers and young adults. They often have bright and colorful designs, making them visually appealing to guests.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 16p
Power 12kw
Height 3m
Speed 1.8m/s
Voltage 380v
Cover area Dia 8m

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