Kids Pirate Ship

Kids Pirate Ship

The Mini Pirate Ship is a children amusement ride. This classic pirate ship provides an exhilarating experience for riders as they swing back and forth. Enjoy the sensation of sailing the high seas without leaving the amusement park!

Product Name Small Pirate Ship
Capacity 12 person
Height 3.5m
Cover Area 5x3m
Material FRP+Steel


Mini pirate ship is a small version of the classic pirate ship ride that is designed for kids. It has a pirate-themed structure and swings back and forth in a smooth and gentle motion. The ride is equipped with seats that can accommodate up to 8-12 children, and the maximum height of the swing is usually around 3.5 meters. It is a fun and exciting ride that is perfect for young children who want to experience the thrill of a pirate adventure. The ride is usually found in amusement parks, carnivals, and other entertainment venues.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 12p
Power 4kw
Height 3.5m
Speed 1.9m/s
Voltage 380v
Cover area 5*3m

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