Mini Shuttle

Mini Shuttle

Mini Shuttle Ride is a family rides that boasts 10 cars, total 20 riders. As the cars traverse the track, passengers are filled with laughter. Join us for a memorable journey that combines speed, twists, and turns for an unforgettable amusement park experience!

Product Name Mini Shuttle
Capacity 20 person
Height 2m
Cover Area 16x10m
Material FRP+Steel


As a leader supplier in the amusement rides industry, we pride ourselves on providing safe and enjoyable experiences for all ages. Our shuttles are equipped with the latest safety features, so you can enjoy the ride with complete peace of mind.

Not only are our mini shuttle rides fun, but they also help improve hand-eye coordination and balance. Your kids will love the excitement of flying through space while developing important skills.

Come to Fantasy’s rides and experience the joy of our mini shuttle rides. With our friendly staff and safe environment, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your ride today and blast off into a world of fun at the amusement park!

Technology Parameter

Capacity 20p
Power 8kw
Running Height 1.9m
Voltage 380v
Speed 1.8m/s
Cover area 16*10m

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