Music Express

Music Express

Music Express Rides combine the thrill of roller coaster with rhythm of your favorite tunes. Music Express Rides are a feast for your senses also a visual spectacle, adorned with vibrant lights and eye-catching designs.

Product Name Music Express
Capacity 36 person
Height 6m
Cover Area 10x15m
Material FRP+Steel


Music Express is a classic amusement park ride that has been a popular attraction for decades. The ride consists of several brightly colored cars that are arranged in a circular pattern around a central turntable. As the ride begins, the cars rotate around the turntable and begin to move up and down on undulating tracks, simulating the feeling of riding on a roller coaster.

Music Express rides typically have a moderate thrill level, making them accessible to a wide range of riders. They are often popular with families and groups of friends who are looking for a fun and thrilling ride to enjoy together. Some parks also offer themed versions of the ride, featuring unique decor and music that add to the overall experience.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 36p
Power 18kw
Total height 6m
Running height 2.5m
Voltage 380v
Cover area 27*12m

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