Rotating Bee

Rotating Bee

The Rotating Bee Rides are a delightful addition to any park. Passengers safely enjoy the ride from bee-shaped cars as they spin around. These rides are designed for family fun, accommodating up to 8 riders, perfect for kids.

Product Name Rotating Bee
Capacity 8 person
Height 2.5 m
Cover Area Diameter 5m
Material FRP+Steel


Kids rides Rotating bee rides are a fun and exciting attraction for kids, featuring 4 arms with bee-shaped cabins that rotate around a central axis, providing riders with a thrilling experience. Similar to the Big Eye Plane, the Rotating Bee Rides allow riders to control their cabins, giving them the feeling of flying through the air like a bee. With bright colors and a playful design, the Rotating Bee Rides are sure to attract kids and families looking for a fun and exciting adventure at the amusement park.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 8p
Power 2.5kw
Height 2.5m
Speed 3rpm
Running height 1.6m
Voltage 380v
Cover area 8*8m

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