Sightseeing Train-42 Seats

Sightseeing Train-42 Seats

Sightseeing trains are a charming and leisurely way to explore scenic attractions. These train rides often has open-air cars for unobstructed views. They are popular in tourist destinations, providing a relaxed and informative experience for passengers.

Product Name Sightseeing Train
Capacity 28 person 42 person
Carriage 4 1 locomotive+2 carriage
Drive Model Diesel/Battery Operated Diesel/Battery Operated
Speed 30km/h 30km/h


The tourist train is a large train that is perfect for transporting groups of people around amusement park or other outdoor area. It is available in a variety of sizes,, and can be powered either by battery or diesel. With its comfortable seating and smooth ride, the tourist train is an excellent choice for sightseeing or just enjoying the scenery. Its spacious design allows for easy access and exit, and it can be customized with different colors and designs to match the theme of your event or venue. Whether you’re hosting a tour, a festival, or just looking to provide a fun way to get around, the tourist train is a great option.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 42p
Cabins 1Locomotive+2Carriages
Power 130kw / 3600rpm
Locomotive 4200*2200*2500mm
Carriage 4150*1900*2500mm
Speed 0-30km/h
Brake distance 4m
Max driving slope ≤15%
Range 300km

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