Small Ferris Wheel

Small Ferris Wheel

The Mini Ferris Wheel is a delightful attraction that offers classic Ferris wheel in a family-friendly design. Passengers are treated to panoramic views of the amusement park or fairground, making it ideal for those looking for a milder amusement park adventure.

Product Name Mini ferris wheel
Capacity 12 person
Height 5.5 m
Cover Area 5x3m
Material FRP+Steel


Mini ferris wheel is a popular amusement ride for children and families. It is a smaller version of the classic ferris wheel, designed for younger riders. The ride typically features four to six gondolas that can seat up to four passengers each, and rotates on a central axis. As the ride spins, the gondolas rise and fall, providing a fun and gentle thrill for riders of all ages. The mini ferris wheel is often decorated with bright colors and themed designs to add to the fun and playful atmosphere. It is a great addition to any amusement park or family entertainment center.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 12p
Power 5kw
Height 6.2m
Speed 1.8m/s
Voltage 380v
Cover area 5*3m

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