Speed Windmill Rides

Speed Windmill Rides

Speed Windmill Rides are a high-energy amusement attraction that combines thrilling spins and tilts. Passengers are seated in swinging gondolas that rotate and swing freely. This ride is a must-try for thrill-seekers at amusement parks.

Product Name Speed Windmill Rides
Capacity 30 person
Height 10 m
Cover Area 20x25m
Material FRP+Steel


The Amusement Rides Speed Windmill is a popular attraction at many amusement parks and carnivals, offering an exciting experience for thrill-seekers. The ride is designed to simulate the feeling of being on a windmill, spinning around and around at high speeds. With its bright colors and flashing lights, the Speed Windmill is sure to catch the eye of visitors and entice them to take a ride.

The ride is suitable for both kids and adults, but it is important to note that it is not recommended for those with heart conditions or other health issues. Riders must also be tall enough to safely ride, as there is a minimum height requirement.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 30p
Power 60kw
Total Height 10m
Running height 14m
Voltage 380v
Swing Angle 110°
Cover area 20*25m

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