Spray Ball

Spray Ball

Spray Ball Rides are designed with a focus on fun and excitement for kids. It’s the perfect choice to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of young visitors at amusement parks and family entertainment centers.

Product Name Spray Ball
Capacity 15 person
Height  3.3m
Cover Area Diameter 7m
Material FRP+Steel


Spray Ball Rides are a family amusement park attraction that offers a unique and refreshing experience. These rides are designed for fun park enthusiasts who want to beat the heat while enjoying an exciting adventure. Riders board large, colorful balls that spin and rotate while gliding across the track. As the ride progresses, balls jets shoot up into the air, creating a refreshing mist that keeps passengers cool and adds an extra element of excitement. Spray Ball Rides are perfect for happy-seekers looking to combine the happiness of spinning and fun in one ride.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 15p
Power 4.5kw
Height 3.3m (not include roof)
Speed 3rpm
Voltage 220v
Cover area Dia 7m

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