Tea Cup Ride

Tea Cup Ride

Fantasy Tea Cup Rides, featuring 9 delightful cups and 36 seats. Ideal for amusement parks and family-friendly attractions, these rides are perfect for creating cherished memories with family and friends.

Product Name Tea Cup Ride
Capacity 36 person
Height 3.5m
Cover Area Diameter 11m
Material FRP+Steel


Get ready to spin and twirl on our funfai rides Coffee Cup rides! Designed for riders of all ages, these whimsical cups offer a fun and playful experience for families and friends. Each cup rotates independently, allowing riders to control the speed and intensity of their ride. With colorful and playful theming, our Tea Cup rides are sure to add a touch of magic to any amusement park or funfair. So come take a spin and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Technology Paremeter

Capacity 36p
Power 12kw
Height 3.5m
Voltage 380v
Speed 1.8m/s
Cover area Dia 11m

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