20 Seats Top Spin

20 Seats Top Spin

Top Spin Rides, With its heart-pounding rotations and gravity-defying flips, this thrill ride guarantees an unforgettable experience. Suspended in open-air seats, riders are combined dizzying spins and rapid descents. This ride is a star attraction at any amusement park.

Product Name Top Spin
Capacity 20 person
Height 10.2m
Cover area Diameter 10m
Material FRP+steel


Top Spin is a popular amusement ride that is sure to provide thrill-seekers with a wild and exciting experience. The ride is typically designed as a large, circular platform that is suspended from a central axis. As the ride starts, the platform begins to rotate, while simultaneously tilting at various angles, creating a dizzying and thrilling sensation for riders.

At the center of the platform is a seating area, usually consisting of several rows of seats facing outwards. The seats are usually equipped with restraints to ensure the safety of the riders. The ride can hold up to 20 people at once and can reach heights of up to 10.2m in the air.

The fairground rides Top Spin is popular among thrill-seekers and is commonly found in amusement parks and carnivals around the world. If you’re looking for a ride that will provide an intense and unforgettable experience, the Top Spin is definitely one to try.

Technology Parameter

Capacity 20p
Power 30kw
Running height 8m
Total height 10.2m
Voltage 380v
Speed 6rpm
Cover area 10*10m

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